Join us on Saturday, August 10th from 6 to 9pm for Dirty Linen Night, Royal Street’s annual summer art walk. Visit dozens of galleries, enjoy wine, drinks and tons of great art.

Dirty Linen Night is a vibrant annual art walk held on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. This unique event takes place on the second Saturday in August, following its counterpart, White Linen Night. It celebrates the eclectic and bohemian spirit of the French Quarter, showcasing a diverse array of artwork from local artists, galleries, and shops.

Dirty Linen Night is characterized by its laid-back, whimsical vibe. Attendees are encouraged to wear the same white linen outfits they donned for White Linen Night but now “dirty” them up, embracing the playful and irreverent spirit of the event. The streets are filled with live music, street performers, and open galleries, creating a festive and inclusive atmosphere.

Blue, Oil on Canvas, 50 by 64, 2024, McPherson

White Linen Night and Dirty Linen Night in New Orleans

Here’s everything you need to know about White Linen Night and Dirty Linen Night, New Orleans’ premier summer artwalks:

Both Dirty Linen Night and White Linen Night offer unique experiences that celebrate the rich artistic culture of New Orleans. While White Linen Night on Julia Street focuses on contemporary art and a sophisticated atmosphere, Dirty Linen Night on Royal Street embraces a more eclectic and playful spirit, encouraging creativity and community engagement in the heart of the French Quarter. Together, these events highlight the diverse and vibrant art scene that defines New Orleans, offering something for every art lover to enjoy.

Location and Setting:

  • Dirty Linen Night: Takes place on Royal Street in the French Quarter on the second Saturday in August, known for its historic, bohemian charm and eclectic vibe.
  • White Linen Night: Held on Julia Street in the Arts District on the first Saturday in August, an area renowned for its contemporary art galleries and modern cultural scene.


  • Dirty Linen Night: Casual, playful, and eclectic, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the French Quarter. It has a street festival feel, with a focus on fun and community.
  • White Linen Night: Elegant, sophisticated, and upscale, aligning with the Arts District’s contemporary and refined atmosphere.


  • Dirty Linen Night: Attendees wear “dirty” or worn white linen outfits, embracing the event’s humorous and laid-back spirit.
  • White Linen Night: Guests dress in pristine white linen, adding to the event’s sophisticated and stylish ambiance.

Art Focus:

  • Dirty Linen Night: Showcases a diverse range of art, including traditional, folk, and contemporary works from local artists and galleries.
  • White Linen Night: Primarily features contemporary art from established galleries, highlighting modern artistic trends and high-quality pieces.


  • Dirty Linen Night: Includes a variety of street performers, live music from different genres, and interactive experiences.
  • White Linen Night: Features more formal entertainment such as jazz bands and classical performances, aligning with the event’s refined tone.


We hope to see you this year at the Studio – 1029 Royal Street in between St. Philip and Ursulines.