For Dirty Linen Night 2019 I transformed my studio into a pop-up art gallery for the evening and hosted over 150 visitors. Dirty Linen Night is the annual summer art walk along Royal Street that takes place one week after White Linen which focuses on the galleries along Julia Street in the Warehouse District. A benefit of having my art studio on Royal is that I can simply open doors and be a part of this exciting evening of art in New Orleans.

I exhibited 12 original oil on canvas most of which were completed this year. Included was the series that focuses on important elements of a neighborhood such as the town square, the corner business or the church that helped define a historic community and hold it together. The small, independent local businesses made daily life walkable and put people face to face with one another on a regular basis. Churches tower over the small cottages of the Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods about every 6 to 8 blocks and were key to the growth of these historic communities. The neighborhood square was an essential and organic meeting point. My interest is in highlighting their importance in making a community work.

If you missed the show, you can still see everything online. Visit the Paintings section to view the work exhibited at the show and reach out if you are visiting New Orleans and would like to schedule a studio visit.